NAPAWF San Diego Presents… Reflect, Connect and Express: A Leadership Development Workshop

Reflect, Connect and Express

Identifying How Our Personal Histories Can Inspire the Work We Do for Our Communities!
We all have a story to tell and it is within these personal stories where we find our strengths, areas for growth, and ways to connect and help lead others. Find ways to honor and grow from your personal story at NAPAWF San Diego’s leadership development workshop – Reflect, Connect and Express.
Objective: Through self-reflection, group activities and discussion, we will discover how we can draw from our unique life experiences to continue (or start) our leadership path. In addition, special guest artist, Viet Mai, will present a brief introduction to spoken work to help us honor our personal stories.
Cost: $5 (includes workshop and light drinks/snacks)
Special Guest Artist Bio: Viet Mai was born and raised in San Diego. As an educator and artist, Viet works to enhance the lives of others through community engagement and youth empowerment. He currently serves as Program Facilitator with the Village of Promise Collective Mentoring Project, and as an Independent Consultant, specializing in School Data and Assessment. As a respected poet, Viet is also a member of the spoken word group, Collective Purpose, co-hosting San Diego’s largest spoken word venue, Elevated.
Sunday, August 11, 2013 from 1PM-4PM. 
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Airoso Clubhouse
6135 Galante Place
San Diego, CA 92130
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Tiffany Hernandez, Leadership Development Chair
Amy Chang, Secretary