Job Posting: Community Organizer at Mid-City CAN

POSITION PROFILE: SAY, San Diego, Inc. is the fiscal agent for this project and will be the formal employer of the Community Organizer. The Community Organizer will work in partnership with residents of City Heights, their families, and organizational allies in the design and ongoing implementation of Mid-City CAN Momentum Team community organizing and advocacy campaigns. The Community Organizer will support the goal of building capacity and leadership in City Heights to mobilizing, executing strategies, and assisting Leaders in identifying and building campaigns for change advocating for change.


  •  Identify, recruit, and retain, City Heights residents and allies with strong leadership qualities and assist them in advocating for institutional and social change.
  • Organize, develop and sustain the leadership and education at meetings, weekend projects, and trips such as advocacy days in Sacramento.
  • Conduct outreach to schools, agencies, and collaborative partners that service City Heights to recruit members.
  • In collaboration with collaborative partners, develop and facilitate leadership development for community around specific skills related to community organizing, grassroots advocacy and other relevant topics.
  • Assist in the development of Mid-City CAN Momentum Team goals and objectives.
  • Clearly articulate the efforts of Mid-City CAN and our community development strategy.
  • Work with youth and Mid-City CAN/SAY Staff in developing and implementing fundraising strategies.
  • Work collaboratively with all participating agencies and organizations of Mid-City CAN in implementing the mission and goals.
  • Create and execute project work plans, including timeline, roles, and resources needed, using Mid-City CAN planning tools. Revise as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.
  • Deliver custom program materials, modules, and simulations based on the Mid-City CAN tool kit and methodology, as well as training others in their application.
  • Design and facilitate community planning processes and community capacity building workshops.
  •  Ability to facilitate groups and manage community conflict.

QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Experience and Certifications):

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Community Development, Social Work, community organizing, ethnic studies, and /or commensurate experience in community organizing, advocacy, and working with youth in a collaborative context.
  • Community organizing or leadership training, such as but not limited to certificates from: Institute for Cultural Affairs, Gamaliel Foundation, PICO National Network, Center for Third World Organizing, Consensus Organizing Center, or Other.
  • Bilingual (Somali or Vietnamese) Required
  • Familiar with Community Development and Community Organizing Theories as well as experienced in policy development and advocacy.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in working with diverse groups.


  •  Possess a passion for social justice which will translate into your daily interactions.
  • Knowledgeable of consensus decision making and conflict resolution processes.
  • Ability to build relationships and interact with a diverse population easily.
  • Must be able to self-direct, take initiative and work independently.
  • Ability to work well in a team setting.
  • Proven ability working with diverse communities and neighborhood organizations and constituencies.
  • Strong community leadership skills, understanding of and sensitivity to development issues in the City Heights community and surrounding area.
  • Ability to be flexible in adapting and learning new ideas and/or concepts.
  • Flexibility required in ongoing training, workshops and/or learning opportunities which may be presented.
  • Broad knowledge of diverse cultures and sensitivity in dealing with diversity issues including race, gender, sexual orientation and economic status.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in working within a collaborative environment.
  • Knowledge of government and education programs and agencies.
  • Must be able to work evenings and weekends when necessary.
  • Access to reliable transportation and willing to use it for job-related tasks
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.

TO APPLY: please send resume and cover letter via e-mail to or via fax to (858) 715-8572.