CALL TO ACTION: Tweet @Rep_Hunter TODAY in Support of Border Communities

Rep Duncan Hunter

To the friends and allies of border communities,

Congressional Rep. Duncan Hunter, is having a Town Hall on Thursday, August 22 in his district in San Diego.

Today, the San Diego Table on Immigration Policy would like to bring to his attention that we do not want the militarization of southern border communities as part of immigration reform.

Please take part in this online action today in support of San Diego border residents and families.

Here are some tweets and images you are welcome to post:

Upload this image, Image1.jpg, and tweet this message:
@Rep_Hunter San Diego communities do not want to be militarized! Will you stand with us? #WeAretheBorder

Upload this image, Image2.jpg, and tweet this message:
@Rep_Hunter Do you agree we should #revitalizenotmilitarize San Diego border communities? #WeAretheBorder

Upload this image, Image3.jpg, and tweet this message:
@Rep-Hunter Do you agree we should have ACCOUNTABILITY and OVERSIGHT over #BorderPatrol? #WeAretheBorder #RevitalizeNotMilitarize

If any of this is too difficult to do, simply search for #WeAretheBorder in the Twitter search engine and retweet someone else’s message. The more posts and the more retweets we can do, the more we can push this online conversation into public light.

Please share this with your friends and contacts and please be courteous with your online conversations. To download the images, please click here.