National Day of Action: March for Dignity & Respect

National Day of Action: March for Dignity & Respect
Join thousands across the country to tell Congress: Just and fair immigration reform is necessary!

Communities demand immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, protects workers’ rights, promotes family unity, and stops the militarization of border communities.

Take a stand and march with your community…

March Route:

Begin: 6th Avenue and Laurel Street, Balboa Park
South on 6th Avenue
West on Broadway
North on India Street
West on Ash Street
North on Pacific Hwy until you reach the County Administration Building

The march is approximately 2.37 miles. Please bring plenty of water and sun protectant, as the temperature is expected to be in the low 80s.

There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of San Diegans there rallying for comprehensive immigration reform, and it’s a nationwide effort to put pressure on the House to act before the year ends.

Maricar is the point person for this event, and he will be carrying our banner. Please contact him if you are interested in attending.

Thank you!

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