The NAPAWF-San Diego 2016 Retreat was held on Sunday, March 6, from 10am to 4pm, with 11 attendees.

It was great catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones at the start of the day. The board started things off with introductions then everyone outlined the Community Rules for the event. Amelia, our Leadership Development Coordinator, shared the Mission Statement (see below) and we had a discussion on what it means to us as well as how it was created. All of this was followed by a powerful and refreshing Mindfulness Meditation led by Advisory Board member, Linda Le. After an Ice-Breaker activity, we discussed possible events for the year that fit in with the Mission Statement as well as increasing and sustaining membership with various events. Then our Queer Issues Coordinator, Karen Villa, led us in an activity called “Theatre of the Oppressed.” This is a form of community-based education that uses theater as a tool for social change. We partnered and presented a situation where the audience can become active by jumping into active performance to help all explore, show, analyze and transform the reality in which they are living and explore solutions on the issue at hand. After the retreat, the board finalized the 2016 Events (see below).

Here’s a photo of some of the awesome womyn in attendance!

NAPAWF retreat

The NAPAWF-SD Mission

NAPAWF Mission Statement

Ice-Breaker-  We are now known as Krazy Karen, Yummy Yaejoon, Graceful Gracelynne, Awesome (transitioning to Angry) Amelia, Energetic Erin, Joyful Jo, Wild Wilda, Loving Linda, Sneaky Sam, and more! We’re so thankful for everyone who attended and look forward to all we’ll accomplish together this year!

NAPAWF Icebreaker

2016 Events

Month Event Title
April Board Meeting
May 14 Bi-Visibility Workshop-Details coming
May Social Hour
June KAMP Collaboration
June Board Meeting
June Social Hour
July Social Hour
July Board Meeting
August Beach Day
August Board Meeting
September Immigration Workshop w/SDIRC
September Vegetarian Festival  
October Social Hour to RECRUIT 2017 Board
October Advisory Board Meeting
November RJ / Arts and Activism
December Holiday Party / Elections

Green = Board meetings

Red = Social events

Blue = Educational workshops & Political Action events


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