DISCUSS | Human Trafficking in San Diego


ICWJ Interfaith Summit on Ending
Human Trafficking in San Diego
Faith Makes A Difference!
Thursday, May 8
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Expert Panel followed by Roundtable Discussion
We will have a panel of expert speakers including Clergy, Law Enforcement, Service Providers, Educators and Survivors, followed by Q&A
Questions & RSVP:
Michelle Shoemaker
Congregational Liaison
Call us at (619) 584-5740
San Diego First Church of the Nazarene
Point Loma Nazarene University campus
3901 Lomaland Drive, San Diego, CA 92106
Human Trafficking …
Human Trafficking is a hot topic today in our communities and congregations; especially among our youth. Hundreds of minors are trafficked every night in San Diego County, most likely within a short distance from your doorstep. It has been suggested that for each sex trafficking victim, there are eight labor trafficking victims. As people of faith, how do we educate ourselves and our congregations, to respond and work to abolish trafficking in our County? Join us for this important discussion.

National Day of Action: March for Dignity & Respect

National Day of Action: March for Dignity & Respect
Join thousands across the country to tell Congress: Just and fair immigration reform is necessary!

Communities demand immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, protects workers’ rights, promotes family unity, and stops the militarization of border communities.

Take a stand and march with your community…

March Route:

Begin: 6th Avenue and Laurel Street, Balboa Park
South on 6th Avenue
West on Broadway
North on India Street
West on Ash Street
North on Pacific Hwy until you reach the County Administration Building

The march is approximately 2.37 miles. Please bring plenty of water and sun protectant, as the temperature is expected to be in the low 80s.

There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of San Diegans there rallying for comprehensive immigration reform, and it’s a nationwide effort to put pressure on the House to act before the year ends.

Maricar is the point person for this event, and he will be carrying our banner. Please contact him if you are interested in attending.

Thank you!

Urge Governor Brown to support voting rights!

Urge Governor Brown to support voting rights!

AB 817

An innovative voting rights bill that would open up our democracy to more Californians has been passed by the legislature. It’s now headed to Governor Brown for his signature. If he signs the bill (AB 817), lawful permanent residents (green card holders) will be able to serve as poll workers on Election Day.

Tell Governor Brown to sign the bill into law by signing this petition. The governor has just a few more days to act on the bill, so he needs to hear from you now!

Sign the petition on 18 Million Rising here.

The Intersection of Race and Law: Response to the Trayvon Martin Tragedy and Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict

The Intersection of Race and Law: Response to the Trayvon Martin Tragedy and Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict 

Friday, August 9th, 2013, 6:00 p.m.

San Diego Foundation, Center for Civic Engagement

2508 Historic Decatur Rd., San Diego, CA 92106

Please join our esteemed panelists to discuss the aftermath of the verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial with insights from legal scholars, lawyers and community leaders. 

This event is meant to educate members of the community, bring clarity to legal issues and offer participants an opportunity to get engaged in the San Diego community. Image

Asian Women Advocates Join ACLU, NAACP to Challenge AZ Abortion Restriction


For Immediate Release
May 29, 2013
Erin White, erin@caminopr.com/ 212.255.2575

Asian Women Advocates Join ACLU, NAACP to Challenge AZ Abortion Restriction

HB 2443 Unfairly Stereotypes Asian Women

PHOENIX — Today, the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) filed a racial discrimination suit against the Attorney General of Arizona and the Arizona Medical Board, challenging Arizona’s HB 2443, a law that bans abortions performed on the basis of race and sex. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will represent NAPAWF and the NAACP in court.

Executive Director of NAPAWF, Miriam Yeung, offered the following statement:

“HB 2443 perpetuates anti-immigrant sentiment by unfairly stereotyping Asian women who seek an abortion. This is deeply offensive to our community.”

“By assuming Asian American women, because of our culture, will choose to terminate pregnancies based on sex, this law turns Asian American women into suspects and encourages invasive scrutiny of our motives that other women would not be subjected to. The law is cloaked in the language of civil rights and equality for women, but it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Rather than lifting the status of women, this law is nothing more than another hypocritical attempt to ban abortions in this country– this time using Asian women as a means to that end.”

“This law distracts from the real work of ending racial and gender-based discrimination. We need policies that truly empower women of color, like equal pay, increased employment opportunities and health equity– not more misguided, discriminatory attempts to restrict access to important health care.”

A Clear Path by ThinkProgress War Room

A Clear Path
May 9, 2013 | By ThinkProgress War Room

So Far, So Good on Immigration Bill

Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee began historic work on a bipartisan immigration reform bill. The centerpiece of the bill is a path to earned citizenship for the 11 MILLION undocumented immigrants already present in this country.

As far as today’s proceedings went, it’s so far, so good:

  • Modest improvements were made to the bill, including a provision mandating that law enforcement determine whether deporting an individual would raise humanitarian concerns with regard to the individual and/or his or her family.
  • GOP extremists attempted three separate times today to put up roadblocks to a pathway to earned citizenship that would have essentially guaranteed that the 11 MILLION undocumented would remain in the shadows for decades, if not forever. Fortunately, all three of these attempts were roundly defeated by Democrats and pro-reform Republicans.

Nearly three dozen amendments from both Republicans and Democrats were cleared during the largely amicable legislative markup, with 21 approved — and all but one of those on a bipartisan basis. The committee will continue working over the next two weeks until all 300+ amendments filed have been dealt with, though many of these will not actually be brought up by their sponsors or receive vote.

Today’s action only adds further positive momentum to the bill and a pathway to earned citizenship, which is supported by a whopping 83 percent of Americans.

BOTTOM LINE: The Senate immigration bill is a strong bill, but already represents a compromise for both sides. A bipartisan group of senators is making sure to hold the line on the bill and maintain a clear path to earned citizenship, despite the best efforts of some extreme, anti-reform Republicans to throw up roadblock after roadblock.

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