James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards

James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards recognize and support individuals who are advancing innovative and effective solutions to significant state issues. The Foundation provides each recipient’s organization with $200,000 to support his or her work benefiting the people of California, and helps recipients share their approaches with policymakers and practitioners.

The Awards recognize exceptional leadership, characterized by:

SIGNIFICANCE The leader’s work addresses an issue that is critical to California’s future, and the issue is anticipated to affect the quality of life of a substantial number of Californians into the future.

EFFECTIVENESS The leader has been highly effective in achieving positive change. His or her work has a measurable record of accomplishment.

INNOVATION The leader is advancing an innovative strategy that directly improves people’s lives. The work represents a leap in creativity or a fundamental departure from usual practice.

INCLUSIVENESS The leader helps build bridges among people with differing viewpoints or different backgrounds.

TIMING OF RECOGNITION The leader’s project is at a stage at which this recognition could substantially enhance its probability to inspire replication, and/or the relevant policy environment is conducive to progress at this time.

FIELD LEADERSHIP The leader has demonstrated an interest in sharing his or her model within the field and informing policymaking on related issues.

We welcome nominations from people who are well acquainted with the nominated leader or leadership team and can attest to their qualifications. The nominator must be someone other than the nominee or a family member. We encourage nominations from persons not employed by the nominee. Nominators do not need to collaborate with a nominee in preparing the nomination, nor do they need to keep the submission confidential.

More info online: https://www.irvine.org/leadership-awards

Contact the foundation directly if you have any questions (leadershipawards@irvine.org).